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aka John Cena!

  • I live in Dododododdodoo
  • I was born on June 10
  • My occupation is Trololololololo!
  • I am crescent
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    We are a community of Risky Frizz fans editing a large database of Risky Frizz.

    However, there are rules you must follow.

    The rules are as follows:

    • This wiki contains information on Risky Frizz ONLY.
      • Not Spongebob, or Kitchen, or The Bagel Show, or Courage The Cowardly Dog..go to their wikis and start editing if you want to help with their database.
    • Don't spam or post lots of irrevelant content.
      • This includes random images and words in the comment sections.
    • No obscene content.
      • Self explanatory
    • No rudeness or bullying.
      • Criticism on the quality of an article is okay, but saying a certain user is stupid is against the rules.
    • Respect the admins.
      • Self explanatory
    • No bad grammar or spelling, please.
      • If we see a page like this, we will delete it, depending on …
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  • Positron has already been registered


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