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  • Can you make box art for RFK

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  • AquaTerra7 applied for rollback. Can you do the honours master?

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  • Recently BaconMahBoi made a blog post asking if anyone is willing to apply for chat mod.

    So here I am!

    If you need me to do a legit application where I must answer the questions you give me then I will be happy to do that also.



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  • [23:44:03] [Server thread/INFO]: * VenTechLabs takes Bam's hand and runs to the bathroom where we have vigorous sex [23:44:11] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> Yeah I do priestess [23:44:12] [Server thread/INFO]: * Bam_0700 yes please [23:44:14] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> Hell yeah [23:44:21] [Server thread/INFO]: * Bam_0700 where the ♥♥♥♥ is the bathroom [23:44:29] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> yOU MAY NOW TYPE IN CAPLOCK [23:44:32] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> fOR SCIENCE [23:44:35] [Server thread/INFO]: [Death Games: Played sound 'random.burp' to Bam_0700] [23:44:35] [Server thread/INFO]: [Death Games: Played sound 'random.burp' to VenTechLabs] [23:44:35] [Server thread/INFO]: [Death Games: Played sound 'random.burp' to ShyGuide] [23:44:35] [Server thread/INFO]: [Death Games: Played sound 'random.burp' to Oranjuice] [23:44:35] [Server thread/INFO]: [Death Games: Played sound 'random.burp' to nin10mode] [23:44:41] [Server thread/INFO]: * Bam_0700 takes off Ven's shirt [23:44:45] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> feels so good bby [23:44:46] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> now git out [23:44:56] [Server thread/INFO]: * Bam_0700 gets undressed [23:45:03] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> me beats him to it [23:45:09] [Server thread/INFO]: Saving... [23:45:09] [Server thread/INFO]: Saved the world [23:45:16] [Server thread/INFO]: <Bam_0700> You still have shoes on [23:45:25] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> Yes my feet get cold. [23:45:44] [Server thread/INFO]: * VenTechLabs begins posing seductively [23:46:04] [Server thread/INFO]: * Bam_0700 inserts his tounge into Ven's mouth [23:46:17] [Server thread/INFO]: <Bam_0700> Hi OJ [23:46:22] [Server thread/INFO]: * VenTechLabs starts molesting in time to the waltz [23:46:23] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> and sciences <3 [23:46:31] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> lmfao heyyyyy OJ [23:46:34] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> we'd like to join [23:46:40] [Server thread/INFO]: * Bam_0700 puts his hand on Ven's shoulder [23:46:40] [Server thread/INFO]: <ShyGuide> damnit nisovin [23:46:47] [Server thread/INFO]: <ShyGuide> his skin is in a suit so I can't copy it [23:46:57] [Server thread/INFO]: * Bam_0700 slowly slides his hand down Ven's body [23:47:03] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> hehehe nobody will find us here [23:47:09] [Server thread/INFO]: * Oranjuice dips his hand in the essence of science [23:47:21] [Server thread/INFO]: * VenTechLabs also touches the science sensually [23:47:32] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> Oh. [23:47:32] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> while moaning softly* [23:47:36] [Server thread/INFO]: * Bam_0700 grabs a hand full of science and spreads it on Ven [23:47:36] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> um. [23:47:38] [Server thread/INFO]: * Oranjuice caresses ven's face with that sweet goopy science [23:47:39] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> Hi. [23:47:44] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> Hey priestess [23:47:45] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> No, please, carry on [23:47:47] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> Wanna join [23:47:57] [Server thread/INFO]: * Bam_0700 licks the science off of Ven's body [23:47:58] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> I need more material for my 12 gb [23:48:00] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> Nothing weird going on here, says Ven as he attempts to cloth himself in science [23:48:03] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> You can add it to your hentai collection [23:48:11] [Server thread/INFO]: [ShyGuide: Played sound 'mob.slime.small1' to ShyGuide] [23:48:13] [Server thread/INFO]: [ShyGuide: Played sound 'mob.slime.small1' to ShyGuide] [23:48:17] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> lmfao Raz [23:48:18] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> please [23:48:23] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> Here, borrow some toys [23:48:23] [Server thread/INFO]: * Bam_0700 continues to lick Ven after the science is gone [23:48:36] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> someone is masturbating, I can hear it [23:48:38] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> The string is for bondage [23:48:54] [Server thread/INFO]: <Bam_0700> Lol, bondage [23:49:08] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> The bottle is for semen extraction [23:49:16] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> The arrows are for anal probing [23:49:19] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> and science [23:49:23] [Server thread/INFO]: * VenTechLabs begins vigorously humping in time to the beat [23:49:36] [Server thread/INFO]: * Bam_0700 moves his tounge down to Ven's thighs [23:49:44] [Server thread/INFO]: * Oranjuice spells tongue correctly [23:49:52] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> oh man it's dark in here. [23:49:55] [Server thread/INFO]: * Bam_0700 is tired and can't spell for ♥♥♥♥ [23:49:56] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> Setting the mood ;) [23:50:06] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> ew [23:50:08] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> this is used [23:50:13] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> join us priestess :-) [23:50:17] [Server thread/INFO]: [Oranjuice: Given [Redstone Torch] * 1 to Oranjuice] [23:50:22] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> I conveniently have a redtorch on me [23:50:25] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> I only ♥♥♥♥ tentacles, no thanks [23:50:39] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> Tentacles are slimy. [23:50:52] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> Ow that hurts. Don't stick it there :( [23:51:02] [Server thread/INFO]: * Bam_0700 waits for Ven to make his move (with his tongue still at Ven's thighs, so it is really akward) [23:51:10] [Server thread/INFO]: <ShyGuide> i don't even hear it [23:51:13] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> I don't either [23:51:16] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> clocktown is too loud [23:51:17] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> If your ♥♥♥♥♥ are like 10 feet long maybe [23:51:17] [Server thread/INFO]: * VenTechLabs extricates my erect member [23:51:19] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> too good* [23:51:20] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> But they aren't [23:51:22] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> so no [23:51:42] [Server thread/INFO]: * Bam_0700 puts his arm around Ven [23:51:55] [Server thread/INFO]: * VenTechLabs inserts his ♥♥♥♥♥ into the science [23:52:10] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> get over here bby [23:52:12] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> ven really [23:52:18] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> yes [23:52:19] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> look at the mess you made [23:52:25] [Server thread/INFO]: <Bam_0700> We are so mature [23:52:29] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> I'm sorry it's my first time :( [23:52:37] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> Please be gentle [23:52:44] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> Don't worry, science doesn't judge [23:52:45] [Server thread/INFO]: [ShyGuide: Played sound 'mob.ghast.moan' to everyone] [23:52:50] [Server thread/INFO]: <Bam_0700> I'll clean it up for you [23:52:55] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> oh god [23:52:59] [Server thread/INFO]: [ShyGuide: Played sound 'mob.ghast.affectionate_scream' to everyone] [23:53:00] [Server thread/INFO]: * Bam_0700 licks the floor [23:53:02] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> LMFAO] [23:53:10] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> That sound though [23:53:16] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> affectionate scream what the hell why is that a thing [23:53:18] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> lmfao yes [23:53:18] [Server thread/INFO]: * Bam_0700 swallows [23:53:41] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> now how about you... mine my caves, if you know what I mean ;-) [23:53:45] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> it sounds like a whale lmfao [23:53:50] [Server thread/INFO]: <Bam_0700> |:) [23:53:52] [Server thread/INFO]: <ShyGuide> don't judge his voice [23:53:52] [Server thread/INFO]: * VenTechLabs presents his nether regions [23:53:58] [Server thread/INFO]: * Oranjuice and Essence #6 caress ven and bam's faces, slimily [23:54:03] [Server thread/INFO]: * Bam_0700 climbs on top of Ven [23:54:10] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> aww yeah [23:54:15] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> sogood [23:54:17] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> It's not even Friday [23:54:21] [Server thread/INFO]: [ShyGuide: Played sound 'mob.cow.hurt' to everyone] [23:54:25] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> lmfao [23:54:27] [Server thread/INFO]: * Bam_0700 starts to slowly move up and down [23:54:40] [Server thread/INFO]: * VenTechLabs moans softly while playing with OJ [23:54:55] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> lmfao what [23:55:01] [Server thread/INFO]: [ShyGuide: Played sound '' to everyone] [23:55:02] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> hey ou're here too m8. [23:55:06] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> purreow. [23:55:11] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> Of course I am [23:55:12] [Server thread/INFO]: <Bam_0700> But OJ is dressed [23:55:17] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> Oh, are we taking turns [23:55:21] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> Yeah. Party pooper. [23:55:26] [Server thread/INFO]: <Bam_0700> Your turn [23:55:27] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> striptease <3 [23:55:30] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> It's like a condom, only an iron wedding dress [23:55:30] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> Hey, if it's tasteful [23:55:51] [Server thread/INFO]: <Bam_0700> Damn it OJ [23:55:56] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> SO KAWAIIII [23:55:59] [Server thread/INFO]: <Bam_0700> OJ is nervous [23:56:04] [Server thread/INFO]: <nin10mode> DESU DESU [23:56:25] [Server thread/INFO]: * Oranjuice tosses wedding dress across the room [23:56:49] [Server thread/INFO]: * VenTechLabs slathers OJ in science [23:56:50] [Server thread/INFO]: * Oranjuice wields shovel [23:56:58] [Server thread/INFO]: <Bam_0700> A shovel? [23:56:58] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> lmfao what's that for [23:57:05] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> ;) [23:57:11] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> Kinky. [23:57:12] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> lmfao I don't even know [23:57:12] [Server thread/INFO]: * Bam_0700 slides back down Ven's body [23:57:37] [Server thread/INFO]: * VenTechLabs jizzes everywhere [23:57:57] [Server thread/INFO]: <ShyGuide> you guys are ♥♥♥♥ horrible [23:57:59] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> rock hard [23:57:59] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> I uh, have no diorite or anything so pretend [23:58:08] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> Here I'll give you some of mien ven [23:58:09] [Server thread/INFO]: * Bam_0700 licks behind Ven's ear [23:58:18] [Server thread/INFO]: * Bam_0700 cuddles with Ven [23:58:25] [Server thread/INFO]: <Bam_0700> The end [23:58:28] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> I gave you quartz and iron too [23:58:39] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> oh god quartz jizz [23:58:44] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> my skiiiinn [23:58:46] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> time for a smoke [23:58:48] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> ven stooop [23:58:50] [Server thread/INFO]: <Bam_0700> Quarts of jizz [23:58:57] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> I cannot contain it [23:58:58] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> so many cuts [23:59:11] [Server thread/INFO]: <Bam_0700> That concludes this tale [23:59:15] [Server thread/INFO]: <Bam_0700> Did everyone have fun? [23:59:15] [Server thread/INFO]: <VenTechLabs> oh thanks I can recycle this [23:59:35] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> where my science bbys [23:59:52] [Server thread/INFO]: <Bam_0700> So, um, that was a thing [23:59:53] [Server thread/INFO]: <Oranjuice> :o I have 9 now

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  • Can I create/add bits of transcripts for pages?

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