The following is a list of episodes for the animated television series, Risky Frizz. The only people who can write episodes are Son of Hat, Thatstuff, Cosmo is a Featherman and BaconMahBoi. Anyone else can ask to make an episode in the comments with the name and plot

Season Episodes Originally aired Home Release
Season premiere Season finale
Pilot 1 1998 1998 October 8, 1999
1 14 April 6, 1999 July 24, 1999 October 8, 1999
2 23 May 19, 2000 March 19, 2001 November 29, 2000
3 14 August 3, 2001 January 18, 2002
4 14
5 15
6 10
7 10
8 10
9 10
10 10
11 10
12 10
13 10
14 10
15 10
16 10
Noncanon 12


This was made in 1998, a week before the creators decided to pitch the series idea. The animation and characters were different, and all characters had been voiced by unknown actors. The pilot was released on the home release video for the first season. The original tape for the pilot has became lost ever since.

Title Synopsis Writer Year
Risky Dingo in Where's my Mummy Risky Dingo, Plate girl and Shark Bowl are attacked by a Mummy after it steals Sharkbowl's birthday cake. So the team try to retrieve it Son of Hat 1998

Season 1 (1999) 

Main Article: Risky Frizz (Season One)

The first season of Risky Frizz, contains 14 produced episodes. It aired on Kingson from April 6, 1999 to July 24, 1999. Most episodes were written by Son of Hat , while some were written by BaconMahBoi. The season premiere had 1.9 million viewers watching. The finale brought 2.6 million viewers. The VHS tape for season one was released on December 2, 2000.

# Episode Title Synopsis Writer Air date
1 Fight Night Fridays Risky Dingo awakes early in the morning only to stop Mean Bean from freezing the whole city. However, he also tries to stay awake during the fight. Son of Hat April 6, 1999
2 A Whale of a Tale At the beach one day the heroes try to stop Mean Bean from controlling whales to crash into the city's power plant Son of Hat April 13, 1999
3 Diabolical Canine  Plate Girl goes shopping and leaves Risky and Shark Bowl in care of her evil puppy. Son of Hat April 20, 1999
4 The Amazing Expire Man The gang meet a villain who is horrible at being evil. Risky decides to teach him how to become a hero, but this takes a lot of work. Son of Hat April 27, 1999
5 When Hamsters Attack Vineti, an evil hamster plans on world domination by launching a nuclear weapon into the sky. However, in order to do so, he must find a way out of the pet store. Son of Hat (additional material by Bacon) May 4, 1999
6 When Bananas Banana A stream of airwaves into another dimension causes a race of bananas to feel threatened. They then head to wipe out where the waves were coming from, which is Earth. Bacon May 11, 1999
7 Bounce An army of alien like balls start attacking Earth. Risky Dingo tries fighting them off but keeps failing to do so. Son of Hat May 18, 1999
8 What A strange entity interrupts the life of everyone. In "They Call Me Travis", this is revealed to be Travis Scaper. Bacon July 3, 1999
9 The Meeting Risky must attend the secret super hero meeting so he can get rewarded by the council of heroes, but many obstacles stand in his way Son of Hat July 4, 1999
10 Meanless (and Beanless) In Seattle Mean Bean suddenly disappears. Son of Hat July 10, 1999
11 The Donut of Death Risky Dingo accidentally eats a posionous donut and ends up in critical condition. It's up to his friends to save him. Bacon July 11, 1999
12 Yo Momma Momma's yogurt factory is closed down, and bit by bit she turns into a crazy monster. Bacon July 17, 1999
13 Home Sick Man O' War's house falls ill, so he decides to move in with Risky, which causes chaos. Bacon July 18, 1999
14 The Dingbot Infuriated by the last false attempts to destroy him, Mean Bean tries to find an absolute smart way to destroy Risky Dingo. Mean Bean decides to fight fire with fire by building a robotic duplicate of of Risky, which in reality is a huge challenge for the team to fight. Son of Hat & BaconMahBoi & knuckles July 24, 1999

Season 2 (2000-2001) 

Main Article: Risky Frizz (Season Two)

The second season of Risky Frizz, contains 22 produced episodes, the longest season in the entire series. It aired on Kingson from May 19, 2000 to March 16, 2001. The movie was the cause of the season hiatus . Most episodes were written by Son of Hat, while few were written by BaconMahBoi. The season premiere had 2.3 million viewers watching. The finale brought 2.9 million viewers. The VHS tape for season one was released on November 29, 2001. The series was renewed for season three to five.

# Episode Title Synopsis Writer Air date
15 Festival The gang go to a local city festival, however the entire festival is taken by aliens. May 19, 2000
16 (BLEEP) Risky says a bad word on television, which makes everyone loose respect for him. This impatiently causes him to under go depression; An alien that uses curse words as weapons tries to destroy the town. May 26, 2000
17 Hi I'm Fate Kid The gang meet a hero named Fate Kid. They all want him in the group, all except for Risky who becomes jealous of him. Risky tries all his might to destroy Fate Kid. June

2, 2000

18 Mombies An alien virus starts turning civilians into cranky over protective mothers. Plate Girl, who is the only one not infected goes to space to find a cure. June 9, 2000
19 Say Moo U.F.O sightings are everywhere in the farmlands. Cows are starting to become missing, so the heroes decide to go on a stakeout to find the cows. June 16, 2000
20 The Sneeze Shark Bowl sneezes on a spoon. He finds out that he created a civalization on it. The friends watch the civalization grow and evolve. June23, 2000
21 Look out! It's the Magic Magicals Risky gets cursed by a magical wizard, after Risky makes fun of him. The curse starts making him say the opposite of what he'd usually say to other people. It's up to himself to apologize to the wizard. June 30,2000
22 Mean Bingo Mean Bean tries to cheat against elderly people in a Bingo match. The team disguise themselves as old people to stop Mean Bean's plan. July 7, 2000
23 Under the Skin Sharkbowl notices that his right arm muscles are gaining a life of its own July 14, 2000
24 Oh Dear Diary Risky, Sharkbowl, and Fate Kid find Plate Girl's diary. July 21, 2000
25 Illuminati Team A bunch of Illuminati triangles begin to burst out of the ground. They began to annoy everyone in town to the point where they had enough of it. July 28, 2000
26 Risky v. Risky Mean Bean has finished his newest invention guaranteed to destroy Risky and his friends. But after a malfunction involving mirrors, Risky and the team are knocked out and wake up to realize evil clones of themselves have been created! Bacon August

4, 2000

27 Travis, is my name Risky starts having dreams and hallucinations about a smiling demon known as Travis Scaper. The friends go inside his head to find out why he is having these dreams. August

11, 2000

28 Into the Forest Risky, Sharkbowl and Plate girl enter a big forest and meet Nruff, nruff's soldiers, and vanessa August

18, 2000

29 Don't a Chicken A radioactive chicken with a brain of a genius, plans to enslave the world with his chicken army. Risky Dingo has a staring contest with Shark Bowl. August

26, 2000

30 Wait Kid The gang are trapped in an indestructible elevator. Fate Kid starts losing his pataients. This leads to an angry battle between the gang and Fate Kid. October

20, 2000

31 Corner Store Horror TBA October

27, 2000

32 Merry Christmas Risky Dingo TBA December

19, 2000

33 Internet Advertisement TBA March 2, 2001
34 The Mean Awards Mean Bean hosts the 2001 Villain Awards, as he shows the audience memorable clips from past episodes featuring multiple villains. March 9, 2001
35 TBA TBA March 16, 2001
36 TBA TBA March 16, 2001

Season 3 (2001)

After the success of the movie, Risky Frizz was renewed for a third season. 14 episodes were produced. The season started on August 3, 2001, with the episode "Chill Pill" and ended on TBA

# Episode Title Synopsis Writer Air date
37 Chill Pill Plate Girl's Trangscang counterpart, Dish Lass (Who has the ability to freeze anything) comes into the Dank dimension. Plate Girl tries to kill her. Hat August

3, 2001

38 The End Zone After losing his rubber duck, Risky forces his friends to help go into the deep ocean underneath the bath tub in the Submarine. The sub breaks down and the gang try to escape the dangers of the sea. Hat August

10, 2001

39 E55 A government hacker starts hacking Risky of his personal information and begins humiliating Risky. Risky who has enough of this tries to find him and end him. Hat August

17, 2001

40 Curse This Dang Computer of Mine! Risky keeps getting frustrated at his slow computer, so Sharkbowl tries to upgrade it. In the end, Sharkbowl upgrades it into a form with a mind of its own, and it decides to team up with Mean Bean to kill Risky and his friends. BaconMahBoi and Son of Hat August

24, 2001

41 Travscap Returns  Travis Scaper returns with a vision of something dark happening in the future. The team try to help him figure out what the vision means. Hat August

31, 2001

42 Fair Fair Away! TBA Hat
43 Shocky Talkie Risky is under house arrest, after accidentally beating up an innocent civilian. He soon becomes crazy when he is stuck at home. Hat
44 Mr. Dank's Dank Tank
45 Puberty Sharkbowl goes through a puberty like stage, which causes him to turn into a spider like creature and kidnap girls all over town. It's up to the gang, along with Vanessa to stop him.
46 Hate Kid TBA
47 You've Got Mail! Everyone in Colorado city get emails from the nellies and Nruff and Sharkbowl gets trapped in a computer so it's up to him to stop the email spam
48 Attack of the Emos TBA
49 Return of the Dingbot TBA
50 Risky Dingo in ''"Spyfilm"'' TBA

Season 4 (2003) 

# Episode Title Synopsis Writer Air date
60 Vineti finds Loves TBA TBA TBA
61 Baaaaa-Man TBA
62 Tales of Travis The gang are trapped in a book of fairy tales because of Travis Scaper. Travis then tells the viewer fairy tale knock-offs involving the heroes.
63 My Way, or the Highway TBA
64 Oi TBA
65 La Hermos Asesino The team's new attractive Spanish maid is really a spy sent out to kill Risky. Only Plate Girl knows this.
66 The Dingbot comes again TBA
67 A Dahl in the Life Mr. Dahl turns everyone into Mr. Dahl's family, but Risky's soda liquid stops him from doing so. Meanwhile, Plate Girl tries to figure out what happened to her. Bacon
68 Spectrum TBA
69 69 TBA
70 Extra extra extra TBA
71 Travis' Arena TBA
72 Travis' Arena Part 2 TBA
73 Travis' Arena Part 3 TBA

Season 5 (2004-2005) 

# Episode Title Synopsis Writer Air date
74 Wee Risky Dingo tries to search for a place to use the restroom, although he gets into too many obstacles. Meanwhile, an Alien toilet reeks havoc among the city.
75 The Keyboard Problem The gang discover a magical Keyboard and use it for stupid reasons. Although, they end up breaking it which causes the whole world to become a computer game.
76 Sharkbowl Control Vanessa somehow gets to control Sharkbowl, and risky, plate girl, and fate kid must destroy the controller that's doing this TBA TBA
77 Peanuts Sharkbowl goes on a undercover detective mission, to search for a missing elephant.
78 Attack of the 50 Foot Hamster Vineti is tired of being called "small". So he steals a serum, which causes him to grow.
79 Trang Scang TBA
80 Food Simulator  TBA
81 Ski Days TBA
82 Mayor Jon in da House TBA
83 Sleepy Risky Risky falls in a deep sleep and he dreams about him being in azertyuiopqsdfghjklmwxvcbn world. A world created by Travis Scaper
84 A Team of the Meme TBA
85 Taking back the Pity Aliens take over the city. Risky and the gang are at vacation. It's up to the rest of the town to save themselves.
86 Missing Part One Mean Bean Finally captures Risky Dingo, and strips him of his powers. Unknowing what to do with him, Mean Bean decides to sell him at a villain convention only to get a Doomsday Device in return.
87 Missing Part 2 TBA

Season 6 (2005) 

# Episode Title Synopsis Writer Air Date
90 The Fly A fly comes into the HQ, and all the heroes try to get it out after it causes chaos in the HQ.
91 Kid Archer TBA
92 Mean Bean Goes Shopping Mean Bean leaves his minions to guard the lair when he goes shopping one day.
93 Grandma Risky's Secret ingredient TBA
94 Soccer Suckers Sharkbowl's soccer ball is taken by Nruff and the Nellies. Now, in order to get it back, the gang must compete against them in a game of soccer.
95 Brotherly Love Risky's brother becomes selfish that he's not a hero. So he decides to go to Mean Bean for some help.
96 In da hospital Risky Dingo gets ran over by a herd of nellies, resulting fate kid, Sharkbowl, and plate girl having to take risky to the hospital. But uh Oh, the doctor is Travis scaper!
97 Riggity Frizz TBA
98 Mini Risky Risky decides to enter Mean Bean's Lair, but he must be 2 Cm tall to enter the small door since the large door has a password. So fate kid shrinks risky! The problem, he can't grow back! The only way to get him to grow back, fate kid needs to learn magic!

Season 7 (2006) 

# Episode Title Synopsis Writer Air date
100 100 TBA Son of Hat
101 Night Knight Risky meets a team of knights especially made to fight during the night hours.
102 Alan the Alien TBA
103 Bathtime It is bath time for Risky. But his bath is very chaotic, with Travis Scaper, Mr. Dahl, Mean Bean and more! Bacon
104 The Fudge Everyone gets possessed by fudge and they are now evil, and only risky can stop them
105 Quickscaper Travis scaper plays CoD
108 Risky vs. Dahlism Travis comes to Risky in his dreams and wants him to change religion to Dahlism. Travis keeps annoying him until Risky gets the perfect trickery plan.... Bacon
109 Short cut to Nowhere TBA

Season 8 (2008) 


Season 9 (2009-2010) 

Unlike most seasons of the series, season nine has a plot centering around it.


Season 10 (2011-2012) 


Season 11 (2013) 


Season 12 (2014) 


Season 13 (2015) 

# Episode Title Synopsis Writer Air date
160 Pizza Time Risky tries to order some pizza, Although, he keeps getting his pizzas stolen by Pizza Worshipping ninjas. Son of Hat
165 Some Years Later Risky meets a future version of himself which warns him about the future, making him paranoid. BaconMahBoi
166 Ding Dug TBA
167 Senior Citizens: Age of Eldertron  TBA
168 Re- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) TBA
169 TBA
170 We Heart Pizza The pizza worshipping ninjas from "Pizza Time" try to rob a pizza shop. Bacon

Season 14 (2016)

# Title Synopsis Writer Air Date
171 Dinosaur age risky, sharkbowl, and plate girl goes through a hall of mirrors at a carnival but he notices in one of the mirrors he looks the same and then touches it and he realizes and invisible doorknob and enters the door and gets sent to the dinosaurs age and must find the exit. However, eventually they realize they are trapped in time and a Dino tells them there's another time travel door that still works so they must find it and travel to there home period unfortunately an evil Dino battles risky and the gang to see who goes through the door to travel to another time period Raisin TBA

Season 15 (2017)


Season 16 (2018)


Non-Canon Season: Risk Protectors (2020)