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• 5/29/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

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Have fun!
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• 3/13/2016

Important stuff

So we should probably work on here more. That means we have to make full plots for episodes, make full character pages, more re pictures, etc
I might also make another secret RF wikia....with more secret....stuff
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• 1/30/2016

Important notice

What characters should be taken off the show?
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• 1/23/2016

Important notice

So I'll be on a break from the nick Fanon wiki but I will still edit my user page once in a while because I'm gonna go over to the Kirby wikia. Why? Because YES, I ADMIT IT: I'm scared of the wormy close up! Stuff uploaded it to the nickfanon wikia, now I'll have to go to the Kirby wikia until IAmBagel deletes the photo
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• 1/21/2016


We already made it up to 100 pages......congrats everyone
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• 1/17/2016


Template loop detected: Template:Simplified show box

Try and see if this template works or not........
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• 1/17/2016

Episode ideas

Guys....i'm looking for episode ideas...cause i ran out lol..........

Don't put the episodes in season 9. I'm saving that for something specail 
Make the episode either as: a dank episode (An episode that's full of memes), a comedy episode (funny ep), or a action episode (action)
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• 1/17/2016

Over 100 edits already

We so far have 150+ edits - in th first few days
Congrats to Hat, me (lul) and Cosmo for being great contributors
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